Product Summary

SOURCETRAC is the first software product designed as a collaborative resource system to be consistent with the FEMA National Response Plan, compliant with the NIMS (National Incident Management System) resource typing standards, and customizable to be compatible with available Crisis Information Management Software (CIMS), for managing, interfacing, and tracking resources and people for emergency management operations.

SOURCETRAC provides the breakthrough that allows private resources to be integrated in to the EOC operations thereby providing improved accessibility of these critical resources for emergency managers. Implemented as a secure internet-based software application, SOURCETRAC readily interoperates and enhances functionality with other EOC systems such as First Responder, Dispatch, and Crisis Information Management Systems (CIMS)...

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Benefits Summary

Improve your preparedness to respond to emergencies

  • Improve collaboration to gain more efficient use of assets & resources and enjoy greater integration with other systems.

  • Manage volunteers’ certification and credentialing more effectively for increase participation and achieve more effective deployment.

  • Automate after-action processes to improve asset recovery, recovery of funds and reports.

Build a knowledge base that allows you to optimize resource utilization

  • Develop & refine incident-specific resource checklists for quick deployment during emergency, optimize your procurement priorities and add support for training exercises.

Reduce your liability by enhance accountability & transparency

  • Produce real-time audit trails of collaborative processes, generate detailed after-action reporting and implement best practices.

Maximize recovered funds

  • Help to ensure every possible claim is submitted and each claim is complete & correct.


02/01/2008 OEM partnership with Tractorfax Technologies

EastBanc Technologies announced today that it will OEM It's collaborative resource management software to Tractorfax Technologies.

06/01/2007 Release of version 2.3

EastBanc Technologies announced the release of version 2.3 of the SOURCETRAC product.

02/06/2006Release of version 2.2

EastBanc Technologies announced the release of version 2.2 of the SOURCETRAC product.